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General informations
The Swimrun Hof (Event) is organised by Weiser & Seidel GbR, Zeughausgasse 6, 89073 Ulm, (Organizer). Race Directors: Andreas Weiser, Barbara
Seidel, Dipl.-Inf. Julian Tiedeken and RAin Julia Ruch.
SwimRun is an endurance outdoor sport with several sections of trailrunning and opern water
swimming. The present regulations regulate the conditions of participation for every participant in
the event (participant). A prerequisite for every participation is the unreserved acceptance of these
The organizer has unrestricted event sovereignty and is entitled to make event-related decisions at
any time together with the race management by majority vote, in particular for factual reasons (e.g.
road damage, environmental protection, weather conditions) - also shortly before the start - to
change the invitation to tender, the distance extend or shorten the tender to a reasonable extent.
Together with the race management, the organizer is entitled to disqualify participants and teams by
a majority decision in the event of a violation of these racing rules. Instructions from event
marshalls and uniformed forces (police, DLRG, fire brigade, THW) must be followed immediately
and without restrictions. In the event of non-compliance, the organizer together with the race
management is entitled to disqualify the participant and the team by majority vote. Event staff and
thus authorized to issue instructions on behalf of the organizer are all persons identified accordingly
by the organizer (e.g. invitation to tender).  

Eligibility & Health
All kind of heatlthy athletes are eligible to participate. Only teams consisting of two eligible
participants (team) are eligible to participate. Participation as a single starter is only possible in a
sprint over a lap. Eligible to participate are women's teams (women and women), men's teams (men
and men) and mixed teams (men and women). Gender neutral persons are entitled to choose one of
the given categories independently for reporting purposes.
The minimum age of the participants at the start of the event is 18 years or one team partner is the
legal guardian of the other. Only people whose general state of health allows participation in the
event are eligible to participate. The organizer points out that the event is a multi-hour endurance
competition that requires intensive physical and psychological preparation. Sufficient experience in
open water swimming is strongly recommended. The organizer recommends having a health check
carried out by a specialist doctor immediately before participating in the event. The organizer is
entitled at any time to have the health status of the participants examined by a specialist doctor, and
if the latter expresses well-founded concerns about the health status, to exclude the relevant
participant from the event (or its continuation). The prerequisite for participation with regard to
each participant is the presence of the registration confirmation and the signed declaration of
acknowledgment and exemption in the original.

The course will be presented in detail at the race briefing. The course is marked and signposted. The
participants must follow the marking and must not deviate from the planned course. There are
several checkpoints. All participants must head for these points. The timekeeping takes place after
the starting shot until the second participant of the team crosses the finish line.
Each team has to complete the route on its own. External support in particular leads to
disqualification. The organizer and the race management reserve the right to change the course for
factual reasons (e.g. road damage, environmental protection, weather conditions).

The timing is done electronically using a chip from sportIdent. Each team receives a chip.
Each team is obliged to carry the chip with them during the race and to return it after the race. The
organizer charges 30.00 euros for a chip that has not been handed in. The participants are obliged to
go through the specified checkpoints. If the cutoff times announced before the race are exceeded,
the race must be ended there. The timing of the race management is decisive for the assessment of
the race time and the reaching of the cutoff times. The organizer determines the official start time.
The grid starts 20 minutes before the official start. The briefing for all participants by the race
management begins 15 minutes before the official start.
The start is open up to a maximum of 15 minutes after the official start. Participants who start up to
15 minutes after the official start will be counted from the official start time. Starting after the
waiting period is only possible with the approval of the race management.
End of the race:
- when the last participant has crossed the finish line, the event ends,
- if a team fails to meet the cutoff time, the race for the team ends at the checkpoint,
- if the team or a team member is disqualified or eliminated by the race management, the race for
the team ends immediately and immediately.
If a team ends the race at its own discretion, it is obliged to inform the race management
immediately. Search costs are borne by the team concerned.
There is only a team evaluation. An individual evaluation is only carried out in the sprint.
In the overall rating, a distinction is made between 3 categories (men, women, mixed). The team
with the lowest overall time in its category wins.

During the entire event there is an obligation to wear a thermal suit or wetsuit. At least short arms
and legs are required. The organizer is responsible for releasing the neoprene from the weather and
will be announced in good time.
The race management provides swimming caps and start numbers that must be worn by the
participants throughout the race. Start numbers must be returned after the race. We charge EUR
20.00 for each race number not submitted.
It is not allowed to take off equipment during the race. All participants must carry their equipment
with them from the start to the finish line. Motorized swimming aids are not allowed.
Important rules during the event
The event takes place on public, marked but not closed roads, paths and water surfaces, so that the
following important basic rules must be observed when participating:
- the participants must comply with the German road traffic regulations at all times.
- participation requires constant caution and mutual respect. Trail sections must be run carefully,
special care is required when crossing roads and at field exits, crossing vehicles is to be expected.
- participants must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or more than is
inevitable, impeded or bothered by the circumstances.
- in no case is it allowed to throw things away (e.g. food packaging) or drop them. Unintentional
violations will be punished with a warning plus a time penalty for the first time. In the event of
repetition, the event will be excluded. Littering leads to immediate disqualification.
- environmental impairments of any kind, which go beyond what is necessary for the competition,
are to be avoided and can be punished with disqualification.
- help from other participants and external third parties (i.e. others as team partners) is excluded.
Mutual help in emergencies is an exception. This is mandatory.
- defects in the equipment must generally be corrected by each participant in addition to the
advertisement, without hindering the other participants.
- each participant is responsible for food and drinks during the stages. The organizer will provide
adequate food in the catering areas. However, the organizer does not guarantee the availability of
food and drinks.
- every participant is obliged to wear his start numbers (the two participants of a team have the same
start numbers) clearly visible at all times during the entire event. The advertising on the start
numbers must not be covered or otherwise made unrecognizable.

Security & liability
The participants of the same team must not be more than 10m apart on land and in water. Otherwise
there is a risk of disqualification. The organizer's liability is limited as follows:
- the organizer is liable without limitation for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health,
which is based on a negligent or willful breach of duty by the organizer or a legal representative or
vicarious agent of the organizer. This also applies to other damages.
- the organizer is not liable for any damage resulting from a negligent breach of duty by the
organizer or a legal representative or vicarious agent, unless it concerns damage from the violation
of cardinal obligations. The amount of liability for damage from the violation of cardinal
obligations is limited to the replacement of the foreseeable and contract-typical damage at the time
the contract was concluded. "Cardinal obligations" are those whose fulfillment enables the proper
execution of the contract in the first place and on which the participant can regularly rely.
- the present limitation of liability also applies expressly to lost valuables, clothing and equipment.
The participant is hereby expressly again informed that he is solely liable for damage he inflicts on
the organizer or third parties (e.g. other participants or spectators) insofar as the participant is
responsible for them, i.e. the participant is guilty of intent or negligence. The organizer recommends
taking out private liability insurance.

Registration and payment
Registration and payment are made via the fitfox portal. Registration is binding.
There will be no reimbursement of the registration fee, unless the cancellation of the event or the
termination of the event is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the organizer.
A team partner can be replaced up to the race day.

The organizer is entitled to take or have photos and moving pictures taken by the participants during
the event and - subject to paragraph (2) - without any temporal, local and content-related restrictions
on TV, internet, in printed matter, any known and also future medium, to be used free of charge for
advertising purposes without time limit, in particular to publish and / or edit, ie without having to
pay any remuneration / compensation. This includes in particular the right to grant third parties (e.g.
sponsors of the event) the right to use them.
Explicitly not included is the use of individual participants (or a group) in a way that highlights the
participants in such a way that the focus is no longer on the event or event participation, but on the
person himself. Such uses require the prior approval of the participants concerned.
The participant agrees that the personal data collected will be passed on to third parties for the
purpose of timing, creating the result lists and posting these lists on the Internet.

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