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SwimRun Hof Start 2018 - Foto: Andreas Geisser
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Immediately after the start at the "Surferwiese" it goes directly up to the Seehotel and from there over adam. At the end it goes right over the meadow into the water and we swim back to the start-finish area. Once there, the actual round starts. It goes through the forest at the climbing park and then in the right-hand curve past the children's playground to the DLRG building, there via a staircase into the water. Short shore leave on the opposite meadow and back into the water to the next exit stairs. Continue on the gravel bike path along the lake. Shortly before the nudist beach it goes down over the next meadow and for the next swim. Opposite we get out over rocks and continue to the right. After a few hundred meters it goes back to the other side. We cross the biotope over the bridges and then tackle the Schaumberg. Traily, flowing paths lead us back down to the lake. In front of the dam it goes back into the water. Exit directly at the goal. For the participants of the Supersprint, the fun is already over, the others can do it again and again. But don't worry - the round is too varied to be boring !!!

Lap 1 / Sprint - 7400m

run 1 - 700m | swim 1 - 400m
run 2 - 1200m | swim 2 - 100m
run 3 - 200m | swim 3 - 200m
run 4 - 800m | swim 4 - 300m
run 5 - 600m | swim 5 - 200m
run 6 - 2300m | swim 6 - 400m

in total run 5800m | swim 1600m

Lap 2 and 3  - each 6000m

run 1 - 1200m | swim 1 - 100m
run 2 -  200m | swim 2 - 200m
run 3 - 800m | swim 3 - 300m
run 4 - 600m | swim 4 - 200m
run 5 - 2300m | swim 5 - 400m

in total
run 5100m | swim 1200m
run 10200m | swim 2400m

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